Maintainer duties

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This document outlines common and sometimes less common recurring duties.

For detailed info see the other sibling guides.

List of common duties

Ordered only for ease of reference:

  1. Doing releases of the design system — see separate doc
    1. Maintaining all package.json versions in lock-step with each other
    2. Release notes
  2. Managing dependencies
    1. Managing dependabot pull requests — see separate doc
    2. Ensuring security vulnerabilities are investigated and addressed as applicable
      1. NPM warnings
      2. GitHub repository security alerts
    3. Ensuring the DS’ major dependencies do not cause foreseeable upgrade path blocks for Platform repositories
    4. Keep browserlist configuration up to date
    5. Keep eslint up to date
    6. Keep stylelint up to date
  3. Maintaining the GitHub PR (and issue) Markdown templates
  4. When deploying, ensure all public DS sites work, including: