VRT Logo

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The Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT) logotype.


Example of VRT Logo - default

<span class="bc-vrt-logo">
  <abbr class="bc-helper-sronly" title="Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy">

React documentation

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ℹ️ This feature doesn’t have a corresponding React component yet.


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Add bc-vrt-logo to a <span> element.


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The default, --small and --large size variants feature square viewports, sized in rems.

The --inline variant is rectangular and is sized in ems to scale with the inlined text it precedes.

Avoid combining the size variants with the inline variant — instead scale the containing element for the inlined text.


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  • Use appropriate markup for the component
  • Use the <abbr> abbreviation tag to hold the ‘VRT’ text
    • Define the first instance of a <abbr> with a title attribute per <section>
  • Apply the screen-reader only utility helper class to the nested <abbr>


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Use to insert simple a SVG image of the VRT logo.

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