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Use to style keyboard keys when providing hot-key or keyboard support hint text.

Example of Keyboard - default

<p class="bc-hint">
  Use <span class="bc-kbd">Tab</span> or <span class="bc-kbd"></span><span class="bc-kbd"></span> to navigate

React documentation

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ℹ️ This feature doesn’t have a corresponding React component yet.


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The <kbd> element represents a single key on a physical keyboard.


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Used kbd element to show text of user input from a keyboard.


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Only provide keys that are actually present on standardized keyboards.

When showing OS-specific keys remember to show all supported operating systems, eg. (Apple’s ‘Command’) and Ctrl (Control) keys.

Interested in the history? Check out this other good Wikipedia article on the Control character (as distinct from Control key).


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Use the HTML5 <kbd> element.

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