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Use these heading classes set text styles for `h1` to `h6`.

ℹ️ This component competes with Display type and deserves a design review.

Example of Headings - default

  <h1 class="bc-h1">heading handgloves 1</h1>
  <h2 class="bc-h2">heading handgloves 2</h2>
  <h3 class="bc-h3">heading handgloves 3</h3>
  <h4 class="bc-h4">heading handgloves 4</h4>
  <h5 class="bc-h5">heading handgloves 5</h5>
  <h6 class="bc-h6">heading handgloves 6</h6>

React documentation

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ℹ️ This feature doesn’t have a corresponding React component yet.


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Apply these to all headings, ideally with the corresponding class.

Use semantic markup for Headings, eg. heading tags (h1..6).


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Heading styles provide a consistent hierarchy of titles to structure and title sections.

Our Headings scale in size inversely with the heading unit size, which is built to match the corresponding HTML heading hierarchy.


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Headings should use semantic markup.

Heading hierarchy levels must be sequential in nested sections, that is, a h2 and its content should not be followed by a h4 but instead a h3 if structured deeper. Meanwhile, it’s of course fine to jump “back up”, from say a h4 to a new higher-level h2 section.


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Headings are commonly understood way of structuring and titling sections of a page.

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